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OPTKO is a strongly brand with its headquarter in Shenzhen, who is devoted to providing high-quality consumer mobile electronics products to worldwide markets.

For a better meet with your customer and market needs, in together of maximize your revenue and margins while gearing up your customers through the OPTKO Distributor Program. From here to partner with OPTKO gets you outstanding advantages and much more of your expectation.

Why Partner with OPTKO?

* Wide Selection of Audio and Video Connection, Data Transfer, Smart Charge, Ethernet Solution.
* Dedicated Brand Sales & Promotion Support.
* Excellent R&D Team: 5-8 New Products Released Every Month.
* Original Product Design with Patents.
* Efficient Pre & Post Sales Support with Dedicated Regional Sales Manager.
* Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support.
* 2-Year Quality Guarantee.

What are the Benefits of OPTKO Partners?

* Sales Support
* Dedicated Regional Sales Manager.
* Exceptional Price and Enhanced Margin Opportunity.
* Project Pricing Support.
* Fast Delivery.

2. Marketing Support

* Marketing Collateral Offered.
* Channel Marketing Fund.

3. Tech Support / Products Training

* Post-Sales Technical Support.
* Regular Sales and Technical Training.

To be an Authorized Partner,
Contact us at partner@OPTKO.com
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